What You Get


The Complete Playbook to 


Growing a Successful


Real Estate Business from the Inside Out


BONUS! The Aligned Client Attraction System: the step-by-step process to differentiating yourself in a crowded market and standing out as the go-to real estate professional in your area


BONUS! The Profit-First Financial Formula: learn the proven approach to protecting your profits and recession-proofing your practice so you can experience financial peace of mind, no matter which way the market turns


BONUS! The Better Balance Blueprint: discover simple shortcuts to network more effectively, enhance your productivity, get the right boundaries in place, and achieve better work-life rhythm so you can be successful without sacrificing who you are or the things that are important to you


BONUS! Discover Your Super-Producer Secret Saucea personalized, 2-hr deep-dive session where you’ll learn how to identify, embrace, and implement your unique gifts to build a soul-powered practice, on your terms


BONUS! 12 Weekly Change-Agent Coaching Calls with real-time support and feedback to help you stay accountable on the journey to becoming a revolutionized real estate professional


BONUS! Unlimited Ask Me Anything Email Support for any and all of those burning business questions that keep you up at night


PLUS get access to THREE Exclusive Online Masterclasses with today’s leading experts, including…


How to Build a Business that Runs Without You

Learn the systems, structure, and support you need to scale your practice, spend more time in your zone of genius, and have the peace of mind to unplug without worrying you’ll miss your next deal, with Courtney Elmer Forbes-featured business systems expert and founder of the EffortLESS Life®, ($500 value)


Leverage Your Unique Gifts to Build a Lucrative Real Estate Practice

Deepen your self-knowledge and discover your energetic blueprint so you can optimize your productivity and take advantage of aligned opportunities, with Human Design expert Nicole Gaucher ($333 value)


Feed Your Body to Fuel Your Business

Discover your dosha (which refers to three categories or types of energies that are believed to be present in a person's body and mind) and learn how to maximize your energy and vitality for peak productivity, with Integrative Nutritionist + Ayurvedic Wellness Consultant Katelyn Sonnier ($199 Value)


PLUS: How to Create an Unforgettable Online Presence

Get a personalized, head-to-toe review of your brand, logo, website, and social media presence by award-winning graphic designer Justin Wutzke, and walk away with actionable steps you can take immediately to set yourself apart from other real estate professionals in your area. ($375 value)


You may be thinking:  

“I’ve tried it all. Nothing is working. I’m at a total loss as to what to do/fix/change to grow my business. I know I have to work hard to be successful, and I AM! There’s not enough time in a day to get everything done. Something’s gotta give, but I don’t know what.” 

Or maybe you’ve tried: 

  • Hiring industry coaches who weren’t effective 
  • Purchasing courses that weren’t effective 
  • Joining referral groups 
  • Listening to podcasts 
  • Subscribing to industry newsletters to keep up with industry trends/changes 
  • Attending events and presentations at your brokerage 
  • Stalking successful agents’ social media pages to find “the solution” 
  • Every kind of marketing tactic under the sun: video marketing, Facebook, YouTube, etc.  
  • Attempting to mimic your competition’s strategies  
  • Hiring/joining teams 
  • Door knocking + cold calling 

The problem isn’t external, it’s internal.

The solution lies INSIDE you, not outside.  

Using our proven InnerState Coaching Program


I teach women in real estate how to identify, embrace and implement their unique gifts + talents so they can build a successful real estate business on their own terms.